Best Carpet Cleaning Methods Explained

Carpets are valuable items and as for every valuable thing they also demand special care to keep their beauty and life. They are the most expensive or most permanent background of the room, so you must choose the right methods to clean them, which do not harm their textures and colors. For many carpets, vacuuming is perfect for getting off surface dirt, pet hair, and other fuzz, but if you want to dispose of ground-in dirt and other stains, you should seek help from the professionals in the field.

Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of the carpeting and contributes to better air, where the experts are skilled in different methods for the different types of carpets. Various machines are used to achieve the desired results. Several methods are recognized as ways of cleaning the carpet by the carpet industry, and most of these methods are only used by professional carpet cleaners. Some of the most common methods are a dry absorbent compound method, dry foam extraction, hot water extraction, rotary bonnet, and rotary shampoo methods.

Professional carpet cleaning services are tended to require several methods in their services. You need to know a little more about these methods so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements in the best way possible.

Here, we list some of the most frequently used methods with all their advantages and disadvantages.

Steam Cleaning.

Steam Cleaning is also called hot water extraction or wet cleaning. This event is maybe the most popular method used by professionals. How does it work? Well, hot water is injected into the carpet under high pressure. And after 10-15 minutes a vacuum sucks up out along with all the dirt. The main advantages and benefits of this method are that it gets out deep-down grime and allows the use of various chemical concentrates. Negative sides are often the long drying time and also the required pricey equipment.

Dry Cleaning.

This method involves the use of specialize machines and chemical cleaning solutions to extract dirt from the carpet. There are two popular types of dry cleaning.

Dry Compound.

This involves the use of specialized machines to clean carpets with recently developed a chemical technology that permit no-moisture or low moisture cleaning. The carpet cleaner uses chemical powder and solvents that you spread all over the carpet, and stirred using a motorized counter rotating brush machine allows you to open up the carpet fibers to absorb the dirt. You have to leave the carpet for about 10-15 minutes then simply vacuum the mixture out, taking the grime with it. And the positive sides of this method include quick-drying and as well as the use of a really easy system that anyone can handle. However, this method is useful for carpet that is water sensitive and has dyes soluble in water.

Dry Foam.

A lot of people in this carpet cleaning industry called this as the rotary shampoo method. This means it starts with vacuuming and cleaning the carpet before applying the shampoo into a foam. In this, the foam is allowed to dry and then using the machine fitted with counter-rotating brushes works it into the fibers. The solution and dirt are extracted using a vacuum. This technique is fast, easy to apply and allows fast drying of the carpet. Unfortunately, the downside of the dry foam method is just like the dry compound method, it cannot thoroughly remove dirt below the carpet surface.

Bonnet Cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning is an interim-maintenance program, in this method is additionally referred to as cleaning with an absorbent pad. It requires vacuuming the carpet in the beginning. And experts used a chemical solution a pump-up sprayer and sprayed all over to the carpet it and left to stay like that for a little bit of time this will allow the substance to soak in the solution. In the next step, the absorbent pad or bonnet is placed on a special floor machine that spins over the carpet surface. This action aims to ensure that the chemical solution will get into the fibers. And after a few hours, it’s now more important than everything ends with one last vacuuming. Bonnet cleaning is a fast, easy to perform and relatively cheap method. Its main negative aspect is that it solely cleans the top carpet fibers and cannot reach deeper levels.

These are some of an insight into how the different methods in professional carpet cleaning.  Carpets are quite capricious in terms of cleaning. If you choose the wrong type of treatment or try to clean it yourself, you can easily inflict irreversible damage on your favorite carpet. That’s why your best option is to hire a professional carpet cleaning technician to do the work for you. This way, you’ll ensure that the best result is a clean and most importantly, intact floor covering, which you can enjoy for a long time ahead.

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